To provide first-class investment management services with skill, professionalism and the highest ethical standard 

Milestones are a culmination of multiple successive wins.


Our investment philosophy is to accumulate growth for our clients over the long-term while preserving capital by mitigating downside risks.

In our strive to maximize returns, a vigorous investment process is necessary in selecting investments and constructing portfolios for our clients.

In our multifaceted approach, we assess all markets and investments drivers that may have impacts on our portfolios, both positively and negatively.

Some of the drivers include: government policies, interest rates, economic outlook, market trends, investor sentiment, valuation, qualitative, quantitative, and technical factors.

Analysis of all the above factors is continuous and form part of our active investment process.



Preservation of capital will never be out of style.


Our main emphasis is to maximize returns and minimize risks within the mandates of our portfolios through investments in high quality, liquid securities, diligent interest rate forecasting, and by adding value through yield curve and sector analysis.

Our portfolios are constructed based on macro-economic outlooks, government policies and investment themes in the near and medium terms. We apply in-depth quantitative and qualitative analyses in our investment selection process and overlay the process with technical analysis.

Fixed income and equity investments form integral parts of our portfolio structures; we may apply derivatives when deemed suitable to smooth out volatility in our portfolios.

In addition to traditional fixed income and equity instruments, we complement our client portfolios at opportune times with the utilization of private equity and fixed income securities to provide added stability and further enhancement to total returns.



Bespoke tailoring meets portfolio construction 

Before acceptance of any investment mandates, a thorough understanding of our client’s requirements, tolerances and constraints are first assessed to ensure that the portfolio meets expectations.

Then the first step in constructing a fixed income portfolio is to determine the duration of the core portion of the portfolio, followed by the allocation of securities along the yield curve. These are the two most important determinants of total returns.

In determining the duration of the portfolio, we take into account market sentiment, and/or interest rate expectation of central bank monetary policies. Markets are much faster to react than central banks, as central banks have become more transparent in the transmission of their intentions (while investors, in general, have adopted a “shoot first and ask later” mentality).

Exposure to credit (e.g. federal, municipal, corporate bonds, etc.), yield curve, and overall duration will all adhere to client specific requirements as an integral part of our risk management process. Value is added to the portfolio through yield curve trades with unique characteristics, while keeping the duration unchanged.

The liquid component of the portfolio provides us with the flexibility to take advantage of market anomalies, sector (i.e. credit) spreads, and securities with unique characteristics.

The determination for total equity returns at the macro level is dictated by the appropriate balance of growth versus value companies, as well as the allocation to industry sectors that would best take advantage of economic cycles.

Similar to our fixed income approach, our clients’ equity exposure is dynamic, and when appropriate, is rebalanced to less volatile or hedge-like securities. This will ensure sensitivity to equity movements that are in-line with our clients’ risk tolerance and volatility comfort levels. Free cash flow, forward multiples, and other proprietary filters are utilized to ensure that our clients’ portfolios are positioned properly with the appropriate exposure.

Yield curve analysis and interest rate forecasting are used to manage the term to maturity weights in the portfolio, while sector spread analysis determines the credit composition of the portfolio. We also have the ability and expertise to recognize anomalies in the fixed income market and have a strong inclination to research new securities in their early stages.

We actively manage portfolio duration and structure our clients’ portfolios to take advantage of the relationship between current rates and our expectations – placing emphasis on risk management techniques to hedge portfolio volatility and enhance returns. Portfolio risk is controlled through active duration management, diversification of the term to maturity of portfolio holdings, and investing in different sectors (i.e. Credit), while cognizant of benchmark and investor restrictions at all times.

Our proprietary equity valuation models provide a structured and disciplined investment approach to maximize both sector and geographical asset allocation to compliment the changes in central bank interest rate policies. Our primary valuation driver is derived from our conservative fixed income background to ensure that our clients’ investments are not subjected to undue risk and negative surprises.

We apply our anticipatory approach to ensure that our investments are directed to the appropriate sectors that would benefit from changes in the economic environment along with a keen desire to ensure that we are well guarded against any potential global economic developments. In addition to the sector rotations, our advance modelling will assist in finding growth opportunities.


Methodical and regimented is not to be confused with inflexibility.


We employ rigorous analysis of macroeconomic indicators to develop our medium and short-term view of the market, which guides us in developing the structure of our portfolios.

We place emphasis on medium-term or secular themes when implementing the core portion of the portfolios. Some of the set themes include the trend toward disinflation/deflation, global competition, debt burdened consumer, aging population demographics, and erratic market returns.

The active portion of portfolio is primarily influenced by our short-term views on the fixed income market, equity valuations and central bank tendencies. Our focus in this area is on flow of funds, free cashflow, market sentiment, central bank monetary policy, global economic conditions, geopolitical events and market technical trends.

Substantial internal research is performed to verify and support any investments as there is no complete reliance on third party research. Similar to interest rate forecasting and forward multiples, an anticipatory approach is utilized to deem whether certain sectors and individual securities are suitable for client portfolios.